Website Creator

Case Study: Laundromat

Branding, Logo, Website, Mobile App

The Task
We were given a hypothetical business called Laundromat to create a branding package that includes a logo, website and mobile app
My Process
I started with sketches of things reminding me of 'laundry' and moved through high fidelity mockups for the website and mobile app
The Result
A bold website and app that has a humorous and slightly cheeky vibe 


Laundromat is the answer to your softener-scented dreams. We come to you, so you don’t have to drop off or pick up your laundry. We use only organic products to wash and soften your clothes. We provide impeccable service. We believe in taking care of your clothes as though they were our own


I chose the font Phosphate to match the art deco style I wanted for this website


Bold and bright colours give the brand the fun cheekiness

Icons & Menus

I created a custom menu and navigation system, as well as custom buttons. Instead of  a standard hamburger menu I created a nav that fits in with the art deco style

Website Screens

The use of bold hero images brings out the humour


The use of an infographic makes it easy for the user to understand the process

Mobile App Screens

I used the same treatment with the hero images but streamlined the app for maximum space

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