Case Study: Art2GO

Mobile App

The Task
Come up with an app idea of your choice. My background is in Visual Art and I was thinking of ways that galleries and individual artists could make it easy for potential buyers to purchase their work 

My Process

Brainstorming and sketches

The Result
An augmented reality app used when you're out shopping, that shows you instantly how artwork looks on your wall at home


Competitor apps are quite complicated and require a lot of set up by the user. My idea is to have a simple point and click app

Take a photo of your room at home. The app automatically calculates the dimensions. See a painting - point and click and it is overlaid on your room picture. You can instantly tell if the artwork fits your space and if the colours match your decor

Flow Chart

Easy to follow flow of the app functioanality


Painting a picture of who the main user of the app would be


Getting ideas down on paper, and thinking of ways to portray the users painpoint juxtaposed with a happy experience from using the app

Journey Map

Gives a visual of how the app works and tells the story of the users frustration without the app

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